Crosscompiling for Raspberry

Once, I have my Raspberry Pi and QEMU environment working, I’m going to explain how to set up the crosscompiler:

First at all, We have to download crosstool-ng from its website:

After that, I have unpacked the tarball,and run configure command (I had to resolve several depences before):

./configure --prefix=/opt/compiler/
make install

Now, I had to add the folder to the path:

echo $PATH | tr : \\n

Now, execute ct-ng tool like that:

./ct-ng menuconfig

In “Path and misc options”, enable “Try features marked as Experimental”
I set up my folder like


Theses was the rest of my options:

Then I executed the next command:

./ct-ng build

After 48 minutes my system is ready 🙂
I updated my path again:


then I made a simple program test, it was compiled :

arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc -o prueba prueba.c


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